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Sing Street review — Irish kids’ Inbetween Days

Written and directed by John Carney | 106 min | ▲▲▲▲▲  The ideal coming-of-age story combines a real sense of autobiography—something inarguably authentic about the time and place—with terrific characters on a journey, usually involving first loves, first adventures, eyes opening to the world. That's what Carney has captured here, a story that must have been… Read More

Begin Again review

Written and directed by John Carney Eight years ago, Irish filmmaker and musician Carney directed a wonderful little film called Once, about a longtime busker who takes a young pianist under his wing. It was a shot-on-a-shoestring delight, and the song that brought them together went on to win an Oscar.  Carney made another little-seen Irish movie,… Read More