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Touched With Fire review — Polar Bared

Written and directed by Paul Dalio | 110 min. | ▲▲▲△△ Carla (Katie Holmes) and Marco (Luke Kirby) meet while both are institutionalized for bipolar disorder.  They spark, their visions of the world feed on each other, their mania increasing with their love. Out of the hospital, they continue their relationship, navigating the challenges of mental… Read More

Dallas Buyers Club review

Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée Written by Craig Borten and Melisa Wallack Dallas Buyers Club is a moving gallery of gaunt, desperate faces. At its fore is Matthew McConaughey's, an actor who in the past two years, with sterling work in films such as The Lincoln Lawyer, Bernie, Killer Joe, Magic Mike, and Mud, has turned… Read More