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True Grit review

Directed and written for the screen by Joel and Ethan Coenfrom a novel by Charles PortisThe first thing to note here is this western isn't a remake of the John Wayne picture, the one for which the Duke won his Oscar. The Coens have gone back to the novel, which I hear they liked due…Read More

The King’s Speech review

Directed by Tom HooperScreenplay by David SeidlerWell, isn't this a good time at the movies. It's been rare enough this year to have a good story well told, but when the beats hit the mark so flawlessly, well, I'm prone to hyperbole, I have to admit. Shockingly, The King's Speech is a biopic I really…Read More

Never Let Me Go review

I was quite amazed at this film to start with, since I didn't know much about it, only that the reviews were strong, as is the cast, and that it involved a love triangle. That it's actually hard sci-fi may surprise many. It did me because it's nowhere in the marketing. Just an interesting detail. …Read More