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Hobo With A Shotgun review from Sundance

People in these parts have been pretty excited about Jason Eisener's bloody opusHobo With A Shotgun coming to screens later in 2011. Shot in April and May 2010 in Halifax and Dartmouth, the Grindhouse feature starring Rutger Hauer is showing at Sundance this week. I visited the set and reported on it for the Globe…Read More

IFCs Top Ten of 2011

I love this website. Compulsive and well-researched lists are one of the things they do well.Check out the movies they're looking forward to in the year ahead here. And then have a gander at their picks of the best on-screen sex.Read More

Fourteen Actors Acting

Two friends who don't know each other posted this link on Facebook this afternoonwithin an hour of each other, which tends to suggest it's gone viral and doesn't needmy help. Still, here it is: From the New York Times, 14 short films under a minute, featuringa number of very recognizable actors playing a number of…Read More

About “Writerly Ambitions”

The IMDB pointed me to this story, which is an interesting post on why TV is a writer's medium, much more than movies are these days. I don't think I agree with everything this fellow says... his examples—Stephen Gaghan, David E. Kelly, Frank Darabont—they're far from what I'd call the cream of Hollywood's literati, in…Read More