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CTV Morning Live, November 1, 2013

We have fun on the tee-vee. I showed up as The Man In Black this morning on CTV Morning Live with the ever delightful Heidi Petracek—you'll need to go to the second page to see the clip. We spoke about Enough Said, Carrie and Enders Game, which opens today. I hope to see it in the coming…Read More

CTV Morning Live, July 12 2012

Yesterday I was back on the CTV Atlantic Morning show talking movies. The always professional and friendly Heidi Petracek and I chatted about Much Ado About Nothing (out now) and Pacific Rim (which opened Thursday), as well previews of Frances Ha (opened yesterday in this town) and Blue Jasmine (arriving July 26 from all reports). Go here…Read More

CTV Morning Live, June 7 2013

Yes, one more time onto morning television I went, the CTV morning show hosted by the ever-charming Heidi Petracek. It was really fun to be on there again, though strangely the set for this morning's show was McDonald's in Bedford.On today's show I spoke of my interest in Fast & Furious 6—review on this blog…Read More