Spectre is coming…

On Friday the new James Bond 007 movie opens in cinemas.


Having enjoyed the adventures of the suave, ruthless British spy since I was knee-high to Nick Nack, the arrival of a new one brings a cinematic thrill unlike any other. My excitement over a new 007, stoked by the positive notices from the UK where it has already opened, is greater than for the new Star Wars film, where—as much as the first three movies were my guiding childhood myth—the franchise disappointed when it extended beyond the original three. Hard to wash away the taste of those midichlorians.

Bond has just been getting better.

My first feelings about the last 007, Skyfall, were warm, and have gotten warmer in the viewings since the 2012 film was released.

If you’re considering a look back at the franchise, allow me to be your guide: On Flaw In The Iris you’ll find reviews of the Sean Connery films, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the Roger Moore pantsuit era, Timothy Dalton’s two films, Pierce Brosnan’s four, and the first two starring Daniel Craig.

My review of Spectre will be up on Saturday.


And until then, here’s Phil Whitehead’s supercut of a whole bunch of laughing Bond villains:


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