In Cinemas: November 27, 2015 — Creed, Victor Frankenstein, The Good Dinosaur, Trumbo

Creed is maybe the year’s biggest cinematic surprise, given my expectations going in versus the satisfaction coming out. It’s a classic sports picture, appearing to do the impossible: It reanimates Rocky. Go here for my full review.

The studio held Victor Frankenstein back from critics until opening day on Wednesday, hoping to limit the critical damage. The reviews, now arrived, are largely scathing. But McAvoy and Radcliffe are always watchable.

Two Pixar movies in one year? The Good Dinosaur has had a famously difficult gestation, but it’s finally here. I gather this one is very much for the kiddies.

I’ve heard good things about Trumbo, a story of Hollywood’s golden age and the McCarthy blacklist, which led talented writers to take pseudonyms in order to make a living. Bryan Cranston, Helen Mirren, Diane Lane, and John Goodman star.

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