The Intern review — Old School Syrup

Written and directed by Nancy Myers | 121 min.  Sometimes I miss this kind of old-fashioned Hollywood product, which we see infrequently these days. Then I watch one and I remember how totally hokey it can be. Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is a retiree, a widower, and a restless 70-something Brooklynite  looking to fill his…Read More

Black Mass review — Ordinary Gangster

Directed by Scott Cooper | Written by Mark Mallouk and Jez Butterworth, based on the book by  Dick Lehr and Gerard O'Neill | 122 min.  Let's talk about Joel Edgerton for a second. He's proven himself a capable character actor in films like Warrior and The Great Gatsby, and this summer he directed a reasonably impressive…Read More

In Cinemas: September 25, 2015 — The Second Mother, Hellions, Cooties, The Green Inferno, Pawn Sacrifice, The Intern, Hotel Transylvania 2

Friday night is the start of the new season of Carbon Arc! As I mentioned, I'm helping the independent screening series out with communications and programming, and I'm happy to do it. They bring in quality international cinema that Cineplex has no interest in showing locally. Go here for a list of the upcoming screenings.…Read More

Mad Max Fury Road: Black And Chrome

Still jockeying for position on my list of the Best of 2015 is Mad Max: Fury Road, a movie that set my hair on fire each of the three times I've seen it. Here's an interesting experiment, inspired by something the director, George Miller, said: A black and white version with an isolated soundtrack. Iconic stuff,…Read More