Amy review — You know she was so good

A documentary by Asif Kapadia Kapadia has said he wasn't particularly a fan of the British singer Amy Winehouse, who died in July 2011, before he made this doc. That claim of objectivity—this isn't a fan letter of a movie—is something to keep in mind while watching. With dozens of interviews with people in Winehouse's inner circle,…Read More

Self/less review — Immortality for dummies

Written by Tarsem Singh, Written by David Pastor and Alex Pastor In the midst of a summer crammed with fantasy franchises, sequels, and prequels, comes this oddity, a free-standing scifi thriller starring Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds, with a plot that channels elements of both John Frankenheimer's Seconds and an obscure Mick Jagger picture, Freejack. It's…Read More

LENS ME YOUR EARS Ep. 09 — Submarine movies

Stephen Cooke and I DIVE DIVE DIVE into the somewhat maligned but extremely hardy genre of submarine movies on this instalment of Lens Me Your Ears, our movie podcast. We springboard into the depths with Jude Law in Black Sea before discussing movies as diverse (or not so...) as 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Run Silent…Read More