In Cinemas: July 24, 2015 — What We Did On Our Holiday, Pixels, Paper Towns, Southpaw


A pleasant surprise is the new release What We Did On Our Holiday, a British comedy I had heard of but never expected it would open locally in cinemas. I’d say it’s not perfect, but worth seeking out, mostly for the amazing Billy Connolly.

I played video games when I was a kid, but I don’t have much nostalgia for Pac-Man or Donkey Kong. Nor do I have much affection for Adam Sandler these days. However, Peter Dinklage in a mullet? That might be Pixels‘ biggest selling point, a high-concept comedy action movie about aliens using old video games to attack the planet.

Screen shot 2015-07-23 at 6.34.53 PM

Paper Towns is this summer’s John Green (The Fault In Our Stars) adaptation—from a new director but the same screenwriters as last year’s hit teen weepie. This one isn’t about cancer, but it is about impossible love. If it’s a hit, Green could be the Nicholas Sparks for the pubescent set, if he isn’t already.

We all saw Matthew McConnaughey take his career in a new direction to much success, but I don’t think enough people are talking about the risks Jake Gyllenhaal has been taking lately. With Enemy and Nightcrawler, I feel like he really upped his game. I hope this boxing drama Southpaw continues the roll, though I generally find director Antoine Fuqua tends to be a little hit and miss, and the following trailer is pretty spoiler heavy. You’ve been warned:


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