In Cinemas: April 24, 2015 — The Age of Adaline, While We’re Young, Stay Awhile, Marinoni: The Fire In The Frame

The Age of Adaline


Blake Lively, Harrison Ford, and Ellen Burstyn star in the new film from the guy who directed the Rashida Jones indie picture Celeste And Jesse Forever. In this one, Lively is a woman who hasn’t aged since the late 1930s and is miserable about it for some reason. It’s a mystery. No, not really—it’s actually a love story! Here are my thoughts.

While We’re Young


I’ve been looking forward to this one—a new Noah Baumbach picture about childless New Yorkers in their 40s (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts) who, when they begin to feel alienated from their breeding peers,  bond with a couple of 20-somethings (Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried). It’s at the Oxford.

7:30 Monday night at Park Lane is a special screening of Stay Awhile,  a documentary about the Canadian band The Bells:

And speaking of docs, Carbon Arc on Friday night is showing Marinoni: The Fire In The Frame, about the cyclist and bicycle-maker:

Go here for more information.

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