CTV Morning Live. February 6, 2015 — A Most Violent Year, Jupiter Ascending, Mr Turner, and more

The good folks at the Halifax CTV breakfast broadcast invited me to be on the show again today. Cyril Lunny and I discussed A Most Violent Year:


Jupiter Ascending, and Mr Turner, and I previewed next weekend’s Valentine’s releases.

The big question is, will people flock to see an explicit sex drama in the cinema the way they squirrelled away with the book?


Of course I’m referring to 50 Shades of Grey, which finally opens next Friday. I gather the advance ticket sales in the UK for the movie numbers in the hundreds of thousands, so maybe we already have an answer to that question.

Also coming is the much delayed James Bond spoof Kingsman: The Secret Service.

You can find the clip here to this morning’s show.

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