Atlantic Film Festival 2014: Day One

Well, the good news is that watching a movie at the Rebecca Cohn is pretty cool. Definitely a solid alternative to The Oxford for a red carpet event. The bad news is Elephant Song is a dud. What were the good people at the AFF thinking? Was this selection a political decision? Whatever the reason, it's…Read More

The Atlantic Film Festival 2014: Heartbeat

As I mentioned yesterday, the one feature I've seen at this year's AFF is Andrea Dorfman's Heartbeat. I found it to be a sweet little Halifax movie, every location and most of the cast plucked from the local creative scene—actors and musicians filling the frame around Tanya Davis. Our city's former poet laureate plays Justine,…Read More

The Atlantic Film Festival 2014

Someone asked me the other day how long I've been covering the Atlantic Film Festival, and I couldn't give them exact information. I know I've attended since the first year I lived in Halifax. My favourite movies of 2003 were Lost In Translation and Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself. I think I started writing about…Read More

A Bad Summer at the Movies

I'm back, FITI readers. I've been away the past few weeks—in New York and London—but am now returned to Halifax and gearing up for the fall cinema season, where the bombast of the summer grows quiet, replaced by the sophistication and awards-bait pictures of the fall. A host of quality films—now showing at festivals in Telluride…Read More