Blade Runner locations: My Los Angeles Visit

2nd Street Tunnel

I’m back in Canada now, having spent four days in Los Angeles. I was just getting comfortable with driving those massive freeways before I had to go, managing the distances between destinations.

As I mentioned, I really enjoyed the nights in LA. Something about the cosmopolitan nature of the city, the lights, the diversity in the neighborhoods and the warm weather (even for LA standards, given the time of year) all combined to give the place a unique hum.

It doesn’t have the flaming smokestacks, the leaning towers of the Tyrell Corporation or the flying spinners, but I could easily see where the inspiration for Ridley Scott’s vision of Los Angeles 2019 comes from. There’s something special about LA, beyond it being the headquarters of the entertainment industry.

Here’s a cool video I just found showing locations from Blade Runner, and please enjoy my photos.

Interior of the Bradbury Building

Helpful Blade Runner info poster in the Bradbury Building lobby

The Million Dollar Theater across from the Bradbury

Union Station, which doubled as the Police Station
Close-up of a tile from the exterior of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House in the Hollywood Hills

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