2012 Oscar reaction

Well, what can you say about The Oscars? When they go with a new idea for hosting like Franco and Hathaway last year, they get shit on. When they go with the safe choice of Crystal, they get shit on. John Doyle in the Globe & Mail said this was the worst Oscars ever. I don’t agree with him.

Here’s what I liked: Crystal’s joke about millionaires giving statues to each other, Chris Rock’s appearance—reminding us what a stellar job he did as host once upon a time—the reminiscences of the actors’ early experiences watching movies, Rose Byrne taking a shot of vodka, Cirque de Soleil. Nick Nolte, Werner Herzog, Tina Fey, James Earl Jones, Meryl Streep, Sheila E, Kermit and Ms Piggy, Sasha Baron Cohen and Emma Stone, I liked all of you.

I didn’t like Crystal in blackface, nor his unfunny, borderline-offensive “black women 45 minutes from Beverly Hills” joke. I didn’t like that the show is still more than three and a half hours long. I didn’t like Robert Downey Jr.’s documentary bit, which surprised me because he’s usually great at this. I didn’t care much for the fashions, but then it’s rare that I do. Bjork’s swan dress remains a high point from years past, sincerely.

Of the awards themselves, I didn’t have a lot of gripes. Great to see Christopher Plummer earn his first Oscar at 82 for a film, Beginners, I wish got more awards attention. Sad to see Gary Oldman beaten by Jean Dujardin, who I think was carried along by the goodwill towards his film, The Artist, but basically proved that mugging can win you an Academy Award. I would have been happier if Clooney had gotten that one, too.

I understand people’s affection for The Artist, but I don’t share it. It’s a film with one trick. It’s a good trick, I don’t deny that, but the hype has made me a great deal more antipathetic about its success.

And that is all. Thanks to everyone who followed and contributed to the tweeting. The random remarks can be found at #CoastOscars.

Oh, one more thing. Have a look at this, Seth Rogen’s opening monologue hosting the Independent Spirit Awards posted by The Vulture. After all the pomp of the Oscars, it’s great to see this more informal approach. Very funny, Mr Rogen.

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