“David Fincher on Film Critics”

Here’s a brief and interesting interview with David Fincher, whose Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is but weeks from opening wide. It’s in response to New Yorker critic David Denby ignoring an embargo and publishing his review of the film long before its December 22 arrival.

Though I understand what Fincher is saying here, especially about how he resents having to share so much of his film in advance of its opening date, his argument loses a lot of steam when you actually take a gander at Denby’s review. It’s more of less a summary of the plot, available to anyone who has read the Steig Larsson book or seen the Swedish film adaptation. Also, in his more particular language, he’s nothing but flattering of the film’s movement, its intensity and especially the performance of Rooney Mara as the titular lead. Seems a little odd that the filmmakers would take such umbrage at flattery, which can only benefit the film in the long run. In the end this seems to be just about the production wanting to exert control of the marketing, and Denby’s job is about celebrating the art.

But I’d be interested in hearing anyone else argue Fincher’s point. As someone who bridles under the embargo placed upon me when I see movies at the Atlantic Film Festival, instituted on titles many of which won’t even open in cinemas here, I find this kind of hubbub a bit much.

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