Theatre Review: Heavy

The Bus Stop Theatre continues its new season of its Re-Fringed event with Taylor Olson's outstanding one man show Heavy. Over the course of an hour, Olson takes the audience on a powerful, introspective journey whereby his autobiographical story entailing drastic weight loss and weight gain is unfolded in vivid and unforgettable detail.  Taking us… Read More

Theatre Review: Kim’s Convenience

Neptune Theatre's newest production, Kim's Convenience, boasts some successes while also playing host to a myriad of missteps. Penned by playwright Ins Choi, the audience is welcomed to watch a day in the life faced by so many immigrant families in our country. At the centre of this journey, we have Appa, the stern and… Read More

Review: Out Innerspace’s Major Motion Picture

Interpretative dance is an interesting creature in that it is offered a greater degree of freedom than its fellow artistic counterparts. As such, therein lies the question: how interpretative can interpretive dance be before sacrificing coherent narration? Major Motion Picture, the newest performance of Vancouver's dance group, Out Innerspace, is an intriguing, if somewhat perplexing… Read More

Theatre review: Tompkinsville

In Eastern Front Theatre's newest production, author/performer Lindsay Kyte gives viewers a different taste of Cape Breton history. From its onset, Tompkinsville firmly establishes itself in the 1930s town of Reserve Mine where the stark flavour of defeat hangs heavy in the air; men and their families are being oppressed by the almost omnipresent Dominion… Read More