Carey’s Fringe-y Report Card

Score Guide: ★★★★★ - Take all my money, amazing show!!! ★★★★ - See this show now. Thank me later. ★★★ - Decent ★★ - Steer clear, thar be trouble here ★ - Play contains asbestos, leprosy, and/or explicit racism Something Wrong: Performer Andrew Gaunce puts his extensive fascination with horror and the supernatural to good… Read More

Review: Shakespeare By The Sea’s Twelfth Night

If you're looking for a taste of lighter, comedy fare, Shakespeare by the Sea's offering up a dose of Twelfth Night — a theatrical outing packed with schemes, and love triangles, and humorous figures (oh my!). Performed by the company twenty-five years ago, the revived comedy comes in, guns ablaze, with director Jesse MacLean pulling… Read More

Review: Thorgy and the Thorchestra

Thorgy came to slay Halifax— and slay it she did. Having just recently crushed the only two seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race on Netflix, former two-time contestant Thorgy Thor quickly became a favourite of mine. Funny, empowered, and creative, she exemplified a lot of the greatest elements drag has to offer. (I haven't seen All… Read More

Review: The Argyle Street Kitchen Party

It was minutes into Argyle Street Kitchen Party when singer/songwriter Ian Sherwood invited audience members to come sit onstage during the performance. Imagine my surprise when, while laughing cordially at the offer, I was whisked to the seats in a random spur-of-the-moment decision by my girlfriend. Perched on a stool behind a counter in a… Read More

Theatre Review: Obstacle Fest

Terra Novella Theatre's newest adventure, Obstacle Fest, is built on the simple, unspoken fact that some of the best theatrical moments happen when something goes horribly wrong. A single, unexpected mishap has the make-or-break ability to change the course of a play. Obstacle Fest is a mixed-bag in terms of its comedic highs and lows.… Read More

Theatre Review: Landline

Truth be told, I've never really been one for meditation or deep introspection. I am, in many ways, quite guarded emotionally-speaking. I can be frustratingly socially-awkward and self-conscious, and so self-reflective, open-ended, and abstract lines of thinking are often quite difficult for me to embrace. Halifax's XOSECRET seems to thrive on secrecy. I had little… Read More