Review: The Little Years

Matchstick Theatre closes out its season with its sixth and best show to date, John Mighton's The Little Years. Better balanced and more accessible than its predecessors Bone Cage and The Woodcutter, and just as captivating as 59 Minutes and Bitter Rose, The Little Years holds your attention from start to end. As I've mentioned… Read More

Carey’s Fringe-y Report Card

Score Guide: ★★★★★ - Take all my money, amazing show!!! ★★★★ - See this show now. Thank me later. ★★★ - Decent ★★ - Steer clear, thar be trouble here ★ - Play contains asbestos, leprosy, and/or explicit racism Something Wrong: Performer Andrew Gaunce puts his extensive fascination with horror and the supernatural to good… Read More

Review: Shakespeare By The Sea’s Twelfth Night

If you're looking for a taste of lighter, comedy fare, Shakespeare by the Sea's offering up a dose of Twelfth Night — a theatrical outing packed with schemes, and love triangles, and humorous figures (oh my!). Performed by the company twenty-five years ago, the revived comedy comes in, guns ablaze, with director Jesse MacLean pulling… Read More

Review: Thorgy and the Thorchestra

Thorgy came to slay Halifax— and slay it she did. Having just recently crushed the only two seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race on Netflix, former two-time contestant Thorgy Thor quickly became a favourite of mine. Funny, empowered, and creative, she exemplified a lot of the greatest elements drag has to offer. (I haven't seen All… Read More

Review: The Argyle Street Kitchen Party

It was minutes into Argyle Street Kitchen Party when singer/songwriter Ian Sherwood invited audience members to come sit onstage during the performance. Imagine my surprise when, while laughing cordially at the offer, I was whisked to the seats in a random spur-of-the-moment decision by my girlfriend. Perched on a stool behind a counter in a… Read More

Theatre Review: Obstacle Fest

Terra Novella Theatre's newest adventure, Obstacle Fest, is built on the simple, unspoken fact that some of the best theatrical moments happen when something goes horribly wrong. A single, unexpected mishap has the make-or-break ability to change the course of a play. Obstacle Fest is a mixed-bag in terms of its comedic highs and lows.… Read More