Theatre Review: Landline

Truth be told, I've never really been one for meditation or deep introspection. I am, in many ways, quite guarded emotionally-speaking. I can be frustratingly socially-awkward and self-conscious, and so self-reflective, open-ended, and abstract lines of thinking are often quite difficult for me to embrace. Halifax's XOSECRET seems to thrive on secrecy. I had little… Read More

Theatre Review: The Mountaintop

It's in the early hours of April 3rd, 1968 and Martin Luther King Jr is in his room at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. In a matter of hours he will be relegated to the pages of history, branded as an idyllic crusader for human rights and justice. If you think you have an… Read More

Theatre Review: Salt-Water Moon

Can old flames rekindle? Such is the question posed to us in Neptune Theatre's relaunch of David French's classic play, Salt-Water Moon. Set in 1926 rural Newfoundland, we are introduced to Mary Snow (Kelin Boyd) who, while standing outside her house with a telescope, encounters former fling Jacob Mercer (Nathan Simmons). For Mary, Jacob's reentry… Read More

Theatre Review: Jonas & Barry in the Home

Neptune Theatre's newest production Jonas & Barry In The Home is a glimpse into our golden years. For many, the idea of being placed into a retirement home is the beginning of the end. There is the defeat of being put out to pasture; the realization, or often a denial, that perhaps our ability to care… Read More

Theatre Review: It’s A Wonderful Life

Neptune Theatre's latest take on Frank Capra's 1947 classic film, It's A Wonderful Life, is a charming, if somewhat straightforward affair. Adapted for the stage by Neptune's Artistic Director George Pothitos, It's A Wonderful Life will appeal to all who view its cinematic predecessor as a cornerstone of their Christmas tradition. It did, however, leave me wanting… Read More

Theatre Review: Snake in the Grass

Neptune Theatre's latest production of Alan Ayckbourn's Snake In The Grass is a hilariously dark delight, perfectly timed for our spookiest time of year. Under the skillful direction of Ann-Marie Kerr, Snake In The Grass lures the audience onto the set of an abandoned estate, beset by age and decay. Arriving into this eerie setting is Annabel (Liz… Read More

Theatre Review: Seeds

As its name suggests, seeds of all kinds are sown into Neptune Theatre's season opener. The work of playwright Annabel Soutar, seeds of hope, seeds of blame, seeds of anger, and seeds of change are all here, creeping into full bloom at different moments. Almost effortlessly, Seeds evolves from a simple story of accusations and… Read More

Theatre Review: Bitter Rose

Catherine Banks' Bitter Rose is a work of many layers. The newest performance mounted by Matchstick Theatre and directed by Jake Planinc is a one-woman show built on the superb talent of Kim Parkhill. Clad in a wedding dress blotched by three mysterious red spots, Rose has a story to tell; it's in her eyes, her… Read More