St George, the Round Church

St George's Church, Also known as the round church, when built in 1800 was completly circular. This was the first round building in North America, though the type was well known in England. the Design is Credited to John Merrick, though it may have been copied from the 1728 "Book of Architecture" by James Gibbs, and… Read More

Government House

Built in 1800 by Governor Sir John Wentworth, this is the third Government House. Wentworth succeeded in convincing the Legislature that the second Government House was in poor condition and had been quickly built of poor materials. The Legislature agreed and the current Government House began construction in 1800. The house was designed by Isaac… Read More

Black-Binney House

This Georgian style house was built by Merchant and legislative assembly member John Black, between 1815 and 1819. It Features a 5 bay facade, Massive chimneys at either end, And dormer windows in the attic. These Features, as well as the central panneled door, 6 panel dormer windows and larger 12 panel windows are comon… Read More

Bank of Nova Scotia

The Bank of Nova Scotia was founded in 1832 to compete directly with the Merchants bank of Halifax. Its first branch was located in John Romans's building at the Corner of Duke and Granville Streets. By 1836, the bank had… Read More


Built Halifax will be my attempt at documenting the built environment in Halifax, within a historical context. Posts will be less frequent, but should be more detailed. As now i have several posts partially complete, and they will be released once suitably researched. This Blog will also serve to exercise my Degree in the History… Read More