Welcome to BuiltHalifax.

This blog Delves into Architectural History and Theory with a Local Slant. To that end – It deals exclusively with things that Are Built, Being Built, or were built, but are now gone. Project proposals generally wont be covered until construction commences, though the process leading up to that point may be.

We Have 2 Continuing Series. The First – The Science of Architecture, looks at the basic structural theory of why Buildings and structures stand up.

The Second, Halifax thinks Big, Examines local planning history, and how we ended up with Monuments like the Cogswell Interchange and Scotia Square.

We also Assembled 4 Construction Progress Tumblrs which offer Almost daily progress shots of 3 Projects

The Nova Center fillingtheholehfx.tumblr.com
The Roy buildingtheroy.tumblr.com
1592 Barrington cdplus.tumblr.com
Maple buildingthemaple.tumblr.com

Beyond this, posts will typically look at a specific monument – Sometimes in the News or Not. The research for this blog is a combination of Primary and Secondary sources. Archival Sources and primary documents are frequently consulted, as are University theses and Current Journals.  Period journal articles are also a favorite source, and made posts on the Ocean Terminals, Rail Cut and Robie Street Reservoir possible.

Builthalifax is produced by Peter Ziobrowski.  He holds a BA in the History & Theory of Architecture, as well as diplomas in Computer System Technology and Information System Security. By Day he is a  Senior IT System Architect. Peter is also behind HalifaxShippingNews.ca

Media/Photo Enquires
Peter is available for media interviews on local Architectural, and urban Planning issues. You can contact him directly via email at [email protected]