Sambro Island Lighthouse gets $$

The Government of Canada announced on the 9th that it is making a two-year investment to rehabilitate the Sambro Island Lighthouse. The Sambro Island Lighthouse was established in 1758 and is the oldest operating lighthouse in the Americas.

The project, valued at more than $1.5 million, will include concrete renovations, rehabilitation of the original lantern and gallery, installation of a heating and ventilation system, and repainting of the lighthouse. Minister MacKay believes making this investment helps keep Canadian waters safe, Canadian heritage strong and Canadian culture proud. The light is an active Canadian Coast Guard aid to navigation and supports their work in providing safe and secure waterways for mariners. It will continue to operate into the foreseeable future.

The Sambro Island Lighthouse is one of the most important historic and iconic lighthouses in Canada. It has operated for over 250 years and is an integral part of Halifax Harbour’s maritime history. The Government of Canada’s investments enables stewardship of the lighthouse to be transferred to local community leaders under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act.

The Lighthouse Preservation Society offers tours of the island every summer. I did the tour in 2011, and wrote about it.


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