Jane’s Walk – Architectural History of Halifax

On May 3, I lead a Jane’s Walk covering basic architectural history From a Halifax perspective. The walk begins at the Grand Parade. This post is basically my speaking and routing notes.

Architectural History of Halifax 101 will aim to educate the walker on the built history of Halifax from 1749 to present times. The walk will look at how styles have changed, and how improvements in materials and technology have enabled those changes.

Sadly the city layout and time constraints don’t allow the walk to progress in a chronological order. Halifax was founded in 1749, and perhaps it’s appropriate to begin the walk in Grand Parade.

Join me, 9am, Sunday May 3,  at Grand Parade.


IMG_04611. St. Paul’s Anglican Church
2. Garrison Clock
3. City Hall
4. Scotia Square
5. Granville Street
5a. Palace
5b. AM Bell
5c. English Shoe Store
6. Cogswell Interchange
7. Dennis Building
8. Commerce Bank Building
9. Province House
10. Post Office and Customs House
11.Provincial Building
12. Bank of Nova Scotia
13. JW Johnston Building
14. Colwell Building
15. Nova Scotia Furnishings
16. Canada Permanent Trust
17. Sieverts Tobbaco
18. Keith Hall
19. Benjamin Weir House
20. Black Binney House
21. Government House
22. Parker Wellsford Monument
23. Halifax Court House
24. St Mary’s Basilica
25. Halifax Public Library


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