The Bridges of Halifax Harbour

The first bridge spanning Halifax Harbour was a railway bridge constructed by the Intercolonial Railway at the Narrows. It was constructed between 1884-85 and was 650 feet long. Intercolonial Railway engineer P.S. Archibald designed the bridge in a concave form with the convex facing Bedford Basin…Read More

The Martello Towers of Halifax

The Prince of Wales Tower is a well known monument in Point Pleasant Park. It was one of 16 similar towers built in Canada. Of the 16 built,  five were built at Halifax; one at Saint John, New-Brunswick; four at Quebec City: and six at Kingston. The Kingston towers are the newest, built 1846-48. The…Read More

The Blockhouse

The blockhouse was the basic British defensive position. Hundreds of them were built in Canada, and Halifax's early defences  consisted of numerous blockhouses. A series of 3 defended the peninsula from the mainland (approximately along the modern Joseph Howe Drive). The original fort at the Citadel was a blockhouse, and others were located at the…Read More

Sambro Island Lighthouse gets $$

The Government of Canada announced on the 9th that it is making a two-year investment to rehabilitate the Sambro Island Lighthouse. The Sambro Island Lighthouse was established in 1758 and is the oldest operating lighthouse in the Americas. The project, valued at more than $1.5 million, will include concrete renovations, rehabilitation of the original lantern…Read More