Scotia Square – Centennial Square

On April 30, 1965, the city announced another call for proposals for the Central Redevelopment Area. Things in Halifax had changed, and the Cornwallis Centre was no longer seen as the idea scheme. The city settled with Provinces and Central Properties for breaking the agreement. The April 1965 call for proposals brought 3 responses. Provinces…Read More

All Saints Cathedral

The All Saints Cathedral is tucked away between two condo buildings on Martello Street, facing Victoria Park. It is unfinished, and her corner stone was originally laid at the corner of Spring Garden and Robie. Bishop Binney (of Black Binney House fame) dreamed of a stone cathedral to serve the needs of the western suburbs. …Read More

History of the Queen’s Wharf

The Queen's Wharf sits at the foot of Prince Street, and is currently an empty parking lot. The site has a long history dating back to the formation of Halifax. The Queen's Wharf originally was the site of the Middle Battery that defended Halifax. It consisted of 10 guns facing the harbour, 3 to the…Read More