The Urban Horses of Halifax

Steven Archibald recently posted Reckless Pedestrians where he looks at old photographs of Halifax, and compares how much more pedestrian-friendly they were in the days of the horse, before the car. This didn't seem right to me, and caused me to go searching for urban transportation pre-automobile. When you look at the photos, the people look…Read More

Amherst ICR Station in Danger

Thanks to Steve Boyko's Confessions of a Train Geek blog for making me aware of this. The railway station in Amherst is facing an uncertain future. Still owned by VIA, it was closed in 2012 when The Ocean went to 3 days a week. The train still stops; however, the train crew handles customer service.…Read More

The Welsford-Parker Monument

The Welsford-Parker Monument is a triumphal arch located in the Old Burying Ground. This is the second oldest war monument in Canada  and the only monument to the Crimean War in North America. The Monument was inaugurated in a ceremony on July 17th 1860, and the committee that erected it was composed of H. Pryor,…Read More

South End Rail Cut

The South End Rail Cut was built as part of the Ocean Terminals project. It took the railway from Three Mile House at Fairview, around behind the city to the south end to serve the new ocean terminals and railway station. It also included construction of the Bedford Basin Yard. The cut is approximately 6…Read More

The Halifax Ocean Terminals

The Ocean Terminals were built in the south end of the city, close to the mouth of the harbour, and were meant to be new, modern and larger port facilities for Halifax. It was quite the civil engineering feat. The project was for the construction of what we know today as Piers 20-28, the railway…Read More