The Macdonald Bridge

The big news about the Macdonald Bridge is the impending re-decking. Halifax is fortunate, in that the proposed procedure has been done, once before, in Vancouver. The Lions Gate Bridge is a twin to the Macdonald, and so they are very similar. In fact, the contract to complete the work was awarded to the same…Read More

The 1945 Master Plan… Meanwhile in Dartmouth

With Halifax developing a master plan in 1945, the town of Dartmouth felt it should have one as well, and council approached the Nova Scotia Municipal Bureau and the Department of Municipal Affairs for assistance. The department provided the funding, and the bureau produced the report. The actual report was written by architect D.P. Reay…Read More

Baconfest – It’s not what you think

Monday March 9  John Nash and the Transformation of London This is one of the cities profiled by Bacon, highlighting the transformation of three great world cities into the places we all know today. Bacon takes us through the major physical changes of London brought about by the vision of John Nash in the early…Read More