Sketching is great skill to have, one one that is easy to develop – Get a few markers, and a roll of trace, and Practice. If your trying to decide how a new tree will look in your yard, simply take a photo of your house, Overlay with trace, and Sketch away.

I suggest you all take a look at this Life of an Architect post. This is great Sketching Advice – Tip #2 especially made my lines much cleaner.

I Dont know how many of you have worked with trace before, but is is really handy stuff.
Trace is something I have found to be needlessly expensive locally, But have had good luck with this stuff – White Sketch and Trace Roll, 18-Inch by 20-Yards.

If you have never used trace before, you can unroll, and use your Architectural Triangular Scale to give you a clean tear line. I have a Preference however forB Stainless Steel Rulers – 18″ being a good length to work with, though I also have 12″ and 36″.B A trick to know about using a steel ruler is to use them cork side up. cork down leaves a gap between the ruler and the trace, and can lead to an unclean edge.

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