Tramway Building

The Tramway Building was built in 1916, after a fire destroyed the previous building on the site. It is named Tramway, after its tenant, the Halifax Electric Tramway Company, Which operated Halifax's streetcars until they were converted to trolly coaches in 1949. The 2 Storefronts are original to the building, Housing Tip Top tailors 1921-41…Read More

The Tip Top Building.

It was reported today that Starfish Properties will begin Construction on 1592 Barrington Street. Located between the Khyber Building, and the Tramway building, This site is probably better known as the CD Plus building - Named for its last Tenant. The HRM Documentation of this property is wrong in many respects. We know that a…Read More

Building a 2 Way Spanning Slab

In our Science of Architecture piece on Structural Systems, we discussed different types of concrete slabs that can be used. Here we will illustrate how a 2 way spanning slab is built. In the exampleB bellow, we can see where the columns come up from the ground floor.B The Temporary supports for the Slab are…Read More

Forming Concrete Walls

Ever wonder why concrete walls have little round holes in them? this is why. These areB Snap ties that are used to hold the form work together. The ends of the rods are bolted through the form-work on either side, and the plastic conical stopper keeps the forms the correct distance apart. when the Concrete…Read More