Halifax Infants Home

The Halifax Infants Home, now known as Bethany House, is located at 980 Tower Road, on the corner of Inglis St. It was built to accommodate the Halifax Infants Home (from 1900 - 1959) and subsequently sold to the Salvation Army, who ran it as the Bethany Home for unwed mothers and their children (from…Read More

Bollard House

Located on the lot bounded by Queen,B Sackville and Dresden row, Bollard House is uniquely shaped. Built in c.1840, with an addition c.1865, Bollard House is a Provincially registered heritage Property. from the register of historic places: The Bollard House is a two storey, wood frame structure, with a five sided plan and both a…Read More

Installing a Tower Crane

I always wondered how cranes go in. I got to find out on Friday in the hole of the Nova center. (Above) The site is prepped by scrape the ground down to bedrock, and blasting away loose material with air, leaving clean bedrock.Then stand the tower up and Level. B (Above) you can see the…Read More