Government House

Built in 1800 by Governor Sir John Wentworth, this is the third Government House. Wentworth succeeded in convincing the Legislature that the second Government House was in poor condition and had been quickly built of poor materials. The Legislature agreed and the current Government House began construction in 1800.


The house was designed by Isaac Hildreth who served as both architect and builder, and is a Georgian style, based on plans published in 1795 by George Richardson, who published many books of plans which were widely read by architects.


(Above) View from Hollis Street. Here the 5-bay facade that is mirrored by Black-Binney House is quite obvious. Note the rusticated ground floor with the more Finley-cut ashlar stone above. When built the Hollis Street side was the principal entrance, however that duty is now assumed by the Barrington Street side. Black-Binney House also looks very similar from the elevation.


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