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Pumpkin Ice Cream

Oh, Throwback Thursday. You're my perfect excuse for procrastinating posting recipes for delicious treats I made months ago but didn't share with the world yet. Today, I'm throwing it back to ice cream. The great thing about ice cream makers is how ridiculously easy they are to use. As long as you actually let the… Read More

Carrot cupcakes with quark icing

Let’s try this again. The last time I started prepping this recipe to post, my poor ‘ol MacBook got drowned in an apartment flood. Maybe I’ll try to keep my fingers crossed so that nothing happens to my computer while I finish it up this time. Sure, it might take a little longer to write,… Read More

Strawberry Peach Love Tarts

Oh, hello. And welcome, to my very first real blog post. Ever. The pressure is on. For my first post, I wanted to share something special. I wanted it to have some of sort of meaning. Baking is a very important part of my life; it cheers me up when I'm sad, it calms me… Read More