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Carrot cupcakes with quark icing

Let’s try this again. The last time I started prepping this recipe to post, my poor ‘ol MacBook got drowned in an apartment flood. Maybe I’ll try to keep my fingers crossed so that nothing happens to my computer while I finish it up this time. Sure, it might take a little longer to write,…Read More

Nova Scotia Berry Lavender Pavlova

Oh hey, I remember you. Over the last few months I’ve attempted to put together a post several times, but alas they were not meant to be. From the Norwalk that ruined my Holiday baking plans, to the apartment flood that drowned my lap top, it’s been a rough couple of months for baked goods.…Read More

Pumpkin Pie

I've been a little unreliable with my posts lately, so to make up for it I'm posting a bonus recipe this week! How convenient that I prepared an apple crisp recipe and a pumpkin pie recipe just in time for Thanksgiving! Enjoy the long weekend! To start, I'd like to be completely honest: I’ve never…Read More

Apple Crisp

This one’s for Jacquie. Who’s Jacquie? Jacquie sat beside me in almost every class during my time at NSCC. Jacquie is kind of my doppelganger. Jacquie drove me to and from campus every day during the bus strike. Jacquie helped me fill all the M&M favours for my wedding, and then read the “my love…Read More

Blueberry Peach Custard Cups

If you have ever met my mother, then you know that she is a lovely woman. You probably also know that she loves cats. What you might not know, is that she loves custard. Last week, my parents became the proud owners of a lovely, secluded cottage, on a beautiful, quiet lake. If you have…Read More

Katie’s chocolate bar pie

It can’t be avoided. Sometimes it just needs to happen. Sometimes you just need to have chocolate, and when you need to have it, nothing else will do. Nothing. Unfortunately, sometimes can turn into all-the-times, and then you might start to feel a little guilty. Luckily for you, I’ve discovered a solution. Keep indulging in…Read More

Flax and honey pizza crust

The stars of this week’s recipe are Valley Flax Flour's, you guessed it, pure flax flour, and Cosman & Whidden liquid honey. I wasn’t sure how the flax flour would affect the texture of the pizza dough, so I started with a half and half mixture and added additional white flour until the dough felt…Read More