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Crosby’s Molasses mangOH, SNAP! cookies

In case you didn’t know, Crosby’s Molasses is putting on a sweet little contest for Canadian Food Bloggers. The Crosby’s Sweet Dreams Cookies contest is the search for the “molasses cookie of their dreams” to be offered up as a “Pillow Treat” at the 2014 Food Bloggers of Canada conference. Entries are judged not only…Read More

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Stop what you’re doing. Whatever you are doing is wasting valuable time that could be spent making chocolate covered bacon. That’s right. Oh goodness. To be completely honest, I can’t believe this is the first time I tried covering my favourite food with my other favourite food. Not only does the combination sound mind-boggling-delicious, it’s…Read More

Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Macarons

The idea to try to make my own macarons first came from my lovely friend Kerri. At first I was terrified at the prospect. Everything I read about making macarons made it sound impossible. We never did get around to trying to bake them together, but there’s still time. Kerri, if you’re reading this I…Read More

Throwback Thursday: Spiced Caramel Pear Pie

Welcome to the very first of in my Throwback Thursday Series, aka recipes-from-days-gone-by-that-have-yet-to-make-their-way-onto-the-blog. Normally in the winter I find myself dreaming of the Summer heat as I do everything in my power to not go outside in the cold, but this was an especially dreary winter, and my daydreaming was willing to settle for the…Read More

Nova Scotia Wild Blueberry Chia Seed Jam

The guilt has finally gotten to me, and I’ve forced myself to sit down and write up a little something for you. It’s not that I don’t like sharing recipes with you, actually it’s quite the opposite. I love preparing locally inspired delicious treats, photographing the process, not photographing the catastrophic mess I usually make…Read More

Strawberry Nova 7 Rose Cake

Sometimes you just need to celebrate. Maybe it’s your birthday, or maybe you just started a new job. What’s that? It’s your wedding anniversary? Perfect. Getting together with family is always a great reason to celebrate. So is moving. Don’t forget when someone you love comes home for a visit from far away, that’s an…Read More

Maple Bacon (x3) Cupcakes

Warning: this recipe combines two of the most delicious foods in the world, cupcakes and bacon. Bake at your own risk. Bacon is, and always has been one of my favourite foods. In fact, my family likes bacon so much that a few years ago unbeknownst to each other my siblings and I had all…Read More