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NS Strawberry Freezer Jam

There are few things in this world as delicious as homemade jam. I can still remember as a kid being completely blown away by how much better homemade jam tasted than regular-ole-grocery-store-jam. Strawberry jam has always been my jam, and when people offered me their homemade jam I’d find myself trying to act natural while…Read More

Millionaire Bars

Oh hi friends! Welcome to my first post of 2015! Sure it’s the middle of March but that’s no biggie. So far 2015 has been so jam packed that I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write up a post for the ‘ole blog… What with rehearsals for Charley’s Aunt Kitty rises! What?…Read More

Guest Post: Boms by Sweet & Savary

It’s not every day that a professional pastry chef gives me an adorable package of homemade miniature bomboloni. And it’s not every day that I get to share the recipe for those delicious little treats on my blog. But today is that day, and once you try these out you’re probably going to want to…Read More

How To: Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Summer is finally here, and since it’s hot as all get out it’s time to share a simple how-to for one of my most favourite beverages in the world: iced coffee. Now, I’m not talking about pouring hot coffee over ice cubes. That is just wrong. Stop doing it. Especially cafes. You should know better.…Read More

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Oh, Throwback Thursday. You're my perfect excuse for procrastinating posting recipes for delicious treats I made months ago but didn't share with the world yet. Today, I'm throwing it back to ice cream. The great thing about ice cream makers is how ridiculously easy they are to use. As long as you actually let the…Read More