NS Strawberry Freezer Jam

There are few things in this world as delicious as homemade jam. I can still remember as a kid being completely blown away by how much better homemade jam tasted than regular-ole-grocery-store-jam. Strawberry jam has always been my jam, and when people offered me their homemade jam I’d find myself trying to act natural while… Read More

Mini Egg (Nog) Cheesecakes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably noticed that Spring hasn’t exactly sprung in Nova Scotia Snowva Scotia yet. It’s kind of a confusing time for all: what with snow banks taller than most people towering over us, while grocery store shelves are filled with bright and colourful Easter themes decorated with bunnies… Read More

Millionaire Bars

Oh hi friends! Welcome to my first post of 2015! Sure it’s the middle of March but that’s no biggie. So far 2015 has been so jam packed that I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write up a post for the ‘ole blog… What with rehearsals for Charley’s Aunt Kitty rises! What?… Read More

Celtic Oktoberfest

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of attending the very first Celtic Oktoberfest in Port Hawkesbury. Put on by the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce as part of their Small Business Week celebrations, the evening was a celebration of local food, beer and music hosted by local radio celebrities Scottie O and Greg from… Read More