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Cheap Healthy Mexican Food Halifax

Cantina Mexicana Healthy Mexican foodFor the past two years, @GillianWesleyNS and I have resolved to only produce one small bag of household waste per week.  It’s been a much easier resolution to live up to than we had expected as it mostly involves reducing the amount of packaging that comes into our household.  It’s also made us hyper-aware of the amount of packaging surrounding us every day.  Recently we watched the documentary YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip), in which three friends drive to all 50 U.S. states (fly to Hawaii) to investigate green innovations over the course of a year.  They ante up on our resolution as the three of them can only produce a shoebox of waste, including recyclables, per month, and have to keep it with them in their car.


With all of this in mind, I was very pleased to finally get a chance to try out Cantina Mexicana (@InfoCantina) on South Park.  Not only does the places look exactly like you’d expect a Mexican canteen to look, but it smells great, the music is fun, prices are right and you can bring your own containers!


Cheap Healthy Mexican Food Halifax


As I was ordering my corn shell beef taco and flour shell chicken taco (tacos are $3 each) and the daily special (pork mole), another customer was ordering a taco salad that the Cantina’s server was happily putting into a glass dish the customer provided.  No waste!


Halifax Mexican Food Healthy


As for the food, Cantina Mexicana has a full selection of toppings including salsa, tomatilla salsa, guacamole (included with specials), sour cream, greens, jalepenos and more. The food is all fresh – never frozen, deep fried, or microwaved. I let my server fill my tacos and plate with what she thought would be best and I wasn’t disappointed.  If you want some extra kick, there are tabasco sauces at each table.  Between Cantina Mexicana and Indochine (post coming soon), South Park has become a go-to lunch destination.

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