Out and About in Springtime

Hibernation has ended! Time to get out of the burrow and look at the tiny wonders in the world around you. Here are a few things we noticed over the Easter weekend. It was cool and drizzly in Kentville's Miner's Marsh park for our Sunday morning walk, but we were cheered on by a chorus of bird song.… Read More

Colour Me Mexico

Our home in the cove is in a valley of the shadow, consequently we are still snowbound. This dreariness led me to review images from our March trip to Mexico and gaze at bountiful colour, like these plastic shopping bags. The bags are at a stall in the market in Coyoacan, a beautiful 17th century suburb of Mexico… Read More

Brutalist Cover-Up at Acadia

Do you hate the big concrete buildings of the 1960s and 70s, that were popular with governments and universities? Don't be shy, probably most folks are not fond of these often dreary buildings, many suffering from 50 years without love (or maintenance). Recently I've become comfortable with this style, often known as Brutalist, and can discern charm and whimsy… Read More

Heart of Stone

Valentine's Day is coming. Some random heartfelt thoughts. Act One: Heart of Stone Do you remember, a lifetime ago, the day before Donald Trump's inauguration? There was some sort of official concert that included fife and drum bands. While Mr. Trump and his wife were leaving the event a DJ played Heart of Stone by the… Read More