Memories of Charlottesville

Charlottesville fills the news, another sorry tale involving the statue of a dead white man. The community has special meaning for me, because it is almost the only place I have lived except Halifax. Here are my few memories of this small city, set in a beautiful Virginia landscape. My father did his PhD in… Read More

Out of Province Experiences

We did a road trip earlier in the summer to visit Sheila's family in rural southwest Quebec. Coming and going was not a straight line (it took two days to get out of Nova Scotia, for example). You'll not be surprised to hear that what I notice while away is identical to what I notice around Nova… Read More

Willow Wonderland

Here's something that gives me a great deal of joy, I wonder if you will be equally thrilled: willow designs on nineteenth-century gravestones. Weeping willows appear in many variations and often have an elegance and vigour that feels fresh and modern. A couple of great examples to get you started. Weeping willow designs were popular… Read More

The Maple Leaf Forever

We are travelling to the nation's capital and beyond at the moment, just before the 150th birthday celebrations. Everywhere you look there are maple leaves! Here are some to make your heart glow. The maple leaf flag atop the Peace Tower of Parliament is an obvious choice. A giant marbled leaf is painted on a staircase… Read More

Expo 67 Revisited

To celebrate our Centennial Year in 1967, Canada produced perhaps the last really great World's Fair. It was wildly popular, so fifty years ago the chances are good you would have been planning your visit to Expo67 in Montreal. Sheila still has the most desirable piece of Expo memorabilia, her Passport. Man and His World… Read More

My Centennial Project

How's the Sesquicentennial working out for you? I notice people making fun of the Canada 150 celebrations, but I'm assured by friends that there is excitement in the air. I do treasure my free Parks Canada pass! This got me thinking about 1967 when we had all the feelings about Canada's big birthday. Went looking… Read More

Halifamous, One Notice at a Time

So the other Saturday I did a long walk from north to downtown because it was Open City, when we are encouraged to be tourists in our own town. Let's see what shiny objects attracted my attention. Since we are fixated on height, it was fun to acknowledge some one-story buildings.  And wasn't the sky pretty. [caption id="attachment_6560"… Read More

What’s so special about Vorarlberg?

What stories should a region tell, to explain themselves to strangers? A small state in Austria has chosen to tell the world about its high-quality modern architecture. And there is a lot. Vorarlberg borders Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, has a population under 400,000 and is about half the size of Prince Edward Island. Yet, since the 1960s the… Read More