Seven steps to making the perfect camp burger

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Our latest camp burger.
What is a "camp burger," you ask? It's simply a delicious, juicy, smoky, amazing burger that you create while on a camping trip. Cooked in the great outdoors, eaten by the fire. Could it get any better than that? Here are my seven steps to making that perfect camp burger. Keep in mind I learned… Read More

Diner en Blanc hits Halifax

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Basket #2
Diner en Blanc, a large-scale outdoor picnic/spectacle/party, is coming to  Halifax for the first time on August 23rd. I was lucky enough to be included in a small group of food writers for a menu tasting of the picnic baskets that chefs Dave Smart (Front & Central) and Frederic Tandy (Ratinaud French Cuisine) have created… Read More

Lunch at EDNA, compliments of Ford

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coconut cream tart
Last week I was invited to attend a Ford media event, at EDNA, where we would hear about the company's sustainability efforts and the technologies that are making their vehicles "fuel-economy leaders," including the all-electric Focus. The event started with a presentation by Dr. Ellen… Read More

Pop-up chef series finale at Front & Central

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Fourth course - piggy (sous vide pork tenderloin)  in a mushroom blanket, roasted shallots, bread pudding and parsley sauce.
What better way to avoid a Nova Scotia winter rut (food and morale) than design a series of delicious tasting menus with your friends? "Tasting menus are the way I like to eat. I enjoy running the restaurant that way," says Dave Smart, chef… Read More

Who smokes the best?

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Smoked meat at Schwartz's.
Spoiler alert: it's Schwartz's, in Montreal (pictured above). But you already knew that. Now, instead of making silly comparisons, let's talk about the smoked meat in Halifax. We've recently visited two restaurants, on the same street, that are claiming to have smoked meat as one of their specialities. Okay, to be fair, Hali Deli is… Read More

Brunch need not be complicated

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Smoked salmon bagel at Sully's.
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed, I eat a lot of brunch. Like, a lot. I never miss a weekend brunch. And while I do appreciate creativity on a brunch menu, I've found time and time again, you don't really… Read More

Green curry-coconut spicy fusion tacos

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This has been the week of green curry. I brought home a can from Tian Phat on Monday and have been trying to use it in a variety of ways since. My favourite, so far, has been these green Thai curry-marinated tempeh tacos. You could easily make this recipe with the meat or seafood of… Read More

Unintentionally Vegan: Creamy Lentil Salad

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Since it's January, I, like everybody else, am trying to eat a little bit healthier. Since I already do almost all my cooking from scratch and generally feel pretty good, it's more about using nutritious ingredients that I'm not overly familiar with, and expanding my repertoire. So, lentils. We've got a ton of them in… Read More