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Guest Post – James Burke’s Musical Mumbles

Every now and then we come across other music fans out there who have things to say/share but find themselves without an outlet for their words. James is someone that I met through work and quickly found out had a taste for music. After a few conversations, James agreed to step foot into the world…Read More

Upcoming Albums, More Bliss For Your Ears…

It's time to put on your listening caps. I think I've cracked the code to a number of up & coming treasures, that have been locked up for awhile. These are artists that haven't released any new material in years. And they've been hinting at us with new stuff, with their latest YouTube videos. I'm…Read More

Friday Night Soundtrack: The Hodgepodge Edition

1. "The Other Side" - Vacay When this track arrived in my inbox, I cracked open the email and pressed play. There are more than enough tunes that come through that have me reaching for the stop button, but Vacay's (nee Levi Randall) sparse and acoustic "The Other Side" immediately reminded me of Dallas Green's…Read More

Festival Review – A Gridlock Rundown

"If you book them, they will come" And with that Matt McIntyre and Jeremy MacNeil get to now wake up knowing what it feels like to have pulled off the unthinkable: successfully bring together a diverse musical line-up consisting of DJs, indie rock darlings, and local home grown talent, all within the city limits of Halifax. (more…)Read More

Justin’s Playlist

Hey, I just want to shout out to 2/3rd of our trio, Trevor & Jeff, the guys who pioneered Hafilax to what it is today, and the new member to the Hafilax crew, Juliet, who's bringing some fresh new content to the site. It's awesome to see how it continues to grow strong, throughout the…Read More

The Midweek Mixdown – the 2016 debut…

Why hello there! Thanks for stopping by to check out what new tunes we're shining a spotlight on.  Thus far, 2016 has been relatively slow for new ear worms, so we're going to do a little mailbag spelunking to see what has come in and caught our ears. I may also toss in a track…Read More