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A Cult Of One: Code 46

Welcome back to a semi-regular feature—though I realized today that it's been more than two years since I last did one of these—on FITI called ” A Cult of One,” where I highlight an older film worth discovering.  Directed by Michael Winterbottom | Written by Frank Cotterell Boyce | 93 min | 2003 This is a…Read More

A Cult Of One: Enigma

Directed by Michael Apted, Written by Tom Stoppard, adapting the novel by Robert Harris Welcome back to a semi-regular feature on FITI called " A Cult of One." It highlights an older film that (IMHO) is worth discovering. Enigma, from 2001, actually was fairly well-received at the time, but it seems to have vanished…Read More

A Cult of One: Tequila Sunrise

The last one of these digressions was also a Michelle Pfeiffer movie, but you shouldn't expect a pattern.  Here's one that the critics were particularly cool on—it remains at 44% on Rotten Tomatoes. But it's a film that deserves a cult. I'm happy to be in it, even if I'm the only one.Tequila Sunrise (1988)Written…Read More

A Cult of One: The Russia House

Welcome back to this irregular feature on Flaw In The Iris, where I revisit an unheralded or underloved movie in my vault. I'm hoping to explain why the film works and why it deserves a fanbase. I'm also willing to accept I may be the only person to really appreciate the film in question... feel…Read More

A Cult of One: Impromptu

Welcome to a new occasional feature on Flaw In The Iris. A Cult of One is where I go into my vault and write about unheralded films, generally unloved and unpopular. My point: they're just misunderstood and deserve a fanbase. I mean, besides just me (and maybe a very few others). Or I could just be…Read More