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Paint Chip Art 10

Hi Friends!

It’s chaos in our house with kitchen stuff. Holy guacamole! We *hope* it’s going to be worth it!! We promise to update you as soon as we can :) We are in that two steps forward, one step back mode right now. In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you a super easy art project – paint chip abstract art! It’s an easy one, but it takes a bit of time. I did mine over the course of a few days.

Here’s what you need:

  • A frame in whatever size you want – mine was large, approximately 19×27.
  • enough paint chips to cover your frame in a variety of shades and tones – I used the solid colour ones versus the chips with multiple colours on one swatch
  • paper for back – I used gold metallic, but after the fact, it occurred to me that black would be striking as well
  • scissors
  • a ruler
  • double sided tape

Colour Block Art 1

Step One: Cover your frame backing in your gold paper using double sided tape. Then spread your paint chips out so they are all mixed up.
Paint Chip Art 1

Step Two: Figure out the ‘best way’ to cut your chips. Mine were 3″ wide and I wanted strips, so I proceeded to cut each one into 1 inch strips. This took a fairly long time, but I put Netflix on my lap top and cut away. I tried to do two at once, but they were too slippery – so take your time and do one at a time to make sure your cuts are as even as possible. 

Step Three: Figure out your design. As you can see, I tried a few different designs before settling on something I thought would work. I decided against the zig-zags mainly because to get it even across the top of the frame would’ve meant having a weird angle and I didn’t want that.

Paint Chip Art 2Paint Chip Art 3Instead, I ended up finding the middle of my frame and working out from that point. I didn’t use much rhyme or reason, I just found my middle “X” as you can see and started laying paint strips down. I secured them with double sided tape – which was great because it made them repositionable (apparently that’s not a word!) I also left a sliver of space between all the pieces so the gold would show through.

Step Four: I kept building until I had ‘holes’ left that were too small to fit my standard sized strips, at which point I cut the chips down to fit. You can see every once in a while there are three small rectangle strips etc. I also let every thing hang over the edge of the frame until I was done just to be sure I had the angles as straight as I could get them. Then once I liked what I had, I trimmed all the edge pieces.

(Points if you can spot Jared Padalecki in the background! Supernatural is my new Netflix show! Love it! haha)

Paint Chip Art 4

Step Five: Pop it back into the frame and hang it up!
Paint Chip Art 10

I did this while Dan was away and when he came home, he instantly said it looked like a stained glass window. I hadn’t thought of that, but it totally does! The camera doesn’t adequately capture the reflection off the gold background.

Paint Chip Art 7

I don’t know if this art will stay in this spot, but it certainly brightens up the darkest corner of the living room. Soon, I’m hoping to move a low-light house plant to this little nook as well :)

Paint Chip Art 8

Let’s do a quick cost break down. Ummm… just the frame! I bought the frame at the thrift store, unopened for $10. It took me a while to collect enough paint chips to do this, but they are free at the store. I wouldn’t take them all in one go, but maybe over the course of a few visits :)

Paint Chip Art 5

At first, I was worried it was going to look really crooked and off kilter, but somehow the randomness of my ‘pattern’ works! Though, it’s making me think it’s time to ditch the covers on those cushions that came with the couch. I don’t know if I’m feeling the grey and yellow damask anymore. Paint Chip Art 9Paint Chip Art 6What do you think? Easy enough, right? I bet this is something you could do with kids too! If you have a big table you can let it sit on for a while as you work on it, it’d be like a make-your-own-puzzle :P

Happy paint chipping!

Thanks for reading!


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